Business self storage can benefit businesses

There’s a number of reasons to consider Stax of Storage for commercial, warehousing or even home / online based business storage needs

  • Self Storage unit space is significantly cheaper per sqm2 than office / commercial leasing space. If you have excess furniture, archive boxes or unused equipment; consider a storage unit rather than wasting expensive floor space
  • A self-storage unit can be the perfect accompaniment or even replacement to a traditional warehouse for inventory management. Seasonal sales fluctuations can lead to vastly different storage requirements at different times of the year. Storing excess inventory in a self-storage unit is a far cheaper and more flexible (month to month) option to leasing additional / tradition warehouse space
  • For a home-based or online / commerce business, self-storage is a no-brainer. Your home can quickly run out of space to keep the inventory you sell online, and most home businesses do not need an entire warehouse for inventory (if you do then congratulations!). A storage unit is the perfect ‘in-between’ solution for the budding or successful home business operator alike
  • For businesses based in the Churchill, Moe, Traralgon, Morwell and other townships in the East Gippsland region, our new Churchill self-storage facility is the perfect place to assist with all your inventory needs. Alternatively, for any businesses based near Portland in the Great South Coast region, our Portland self-storage facility can assist you with all your business needs.
Business Storage
1 - 5 Webster St, Churchill Vic 3842
109 - 121 Learmonth St, Portland Vic 3305

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